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  • Step One – If you see yourself in orange then get in contact with us.  Our recruitment officer will then get in contact with you to answer any questions and to advise you any upcoming intake arrangements.  All of this is without obligation as we recognise joining VICSES as a volunteer requires commitment and may not be for everybody. 
  • Step Two – If you are willing to join our dedicated group of volunteers, then the next step is to fill in an application form and undergo a police check. The results of the police check may take a while to come back so please be patient during this period.
  • Step Three – Upon the successful processing of your application and police check, you will become a probationary member of VICSES Bellarine Unit and be eligible to attend the Unit's probationary training program.

    As a probationary member you will undergo an induction to the unit and start training in fundamental rescue skills, which covers topics such as communications, knots, equipment familiarisation and the methodologies used in rescue situations.
  • Step FourChainsaw - Upon completion of fundamentals training and a  probationary period, you will become a full member of the unit and be issued with your own uniform and have the ability to attend specialised training courses.

    If you choose to be an operational member then you will also be issued with a pager and be able to start responding to requests for assistance.

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