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VICSES Bellarine Unit provides opportunities for its members to respond to requests for assistance in an operational role. Tasks that may be undertaken include:jaws

  • General rescue in response to a flood, storm, earthquake and tsunami emergency. This may involve anything from sandbagging to protect property from floodwater, providing temporary repairs to roofs damaged during a storm, or cutting up a tree that has fallen across a driveway to name just a few
  • Rescue from road crashes. VICSES Bellarine Unit is accredited in road rescue and may be called to attend any road, aircraft, industrial or rail incident that occurs within our region
  • Assisting other external agencies. This may involve anything from helping paramedics (Ambulance Victoria) in the handling of casualties, assisting in a search at the request of VicPol (Victoria Police) or providing lighting at an incident for the CFA/FRV (Country Fire Authority/Fire Rescue Victoria)
  • Domestic rescue and other incidents such as freeing a child's fingers wedged in play equipment, to removing a cow stuck in mud. If you can think it up then it is most likely that VICSES Bellarine Unit has been called out to it!

Requests for assistance can occur at any time and often during adverse weather conditions. The pager can go off at the most inopportune time – in the middle of the night or when you are just about to sit down for dinner.

UTVWhilst work and family commitments do come first we do request that unit members attend their fair share of call outs so that the workload is shared amongst the members and it is not the same old faces being dragged out of bed at 3am!

If you are up for the challenge and can see yourself in orange, join now!

We do understand that being an operational member of a VICSES unit is not for everybody – so if you still would like to contribute then perhaps consider a non operational role as an associate member.

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